Easy to Use low level keyboard hook for .NET

Easy to Use low level keyboard hook for .NET

JohannaSoft Keyboard Hook Library is an easy to use .NET assembly / dll for capturing keyboard input.

Main features:
  • .NET class library / assembly for capturing keystrokes.
  • Low level system keyboard hook that captures keyboard input from all applications.
  • Unicode use for captured keystrokes. Compatible with multi language environments and / or operating systems.
  • It correctly handles dead keys and accents. Most solutions discard dead keys thus giving an incorrect capture.
  • Really easy to use and understand.
  • Reports the Window process ID from where it is capturing the keystroke. You can relate key captures to running programs / processes.
  • Embeddable on your own developments.

A Keyboard Capture Demo application is provided so you can easily confirm the benefits of using this library.

Is easy to find code snipplets that are useful as a low level keyboard logger, but most if not all of them discard dead keys and accents since
those are hard to handle correctly. JohannaSoft Low Level Keyboard Hook and Keylogger library / aseembly for .NET handles all keys correctly
so it can be used in any non english Windows operating system.

Forget about the problems using ToAscii and ToUnicode in user32.dll Windows API call and start using this simple library !.

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